10 Tips for Maintaining Your Natural Stone

1. Cleaning your granite and other natural stone surfaces requires using the proper stone cleaner. Ask us for recommendations.
2. Do not drag objects over your floors or countertops.
3. Remember that acidic food and drinks can and usually will etch your marble.
4. We recommend having your granite countertops and marble vanity tops professionally cleaned and sealed at least once ever two years
5. Attend to spills as soon as they occur
6. Glue felt to the bottom of chair legs to protect your floors from scratching
7. On shower walls, squeegee after each shower and do not use any cleaning chemicals used for removing soap and lime deposits unless they are made specifically for natural stone. These products can harm your stone.
8. Use a separate mop for your marble
9. Use doormats in front of your doors to minimize grit from causing wear and tear on your stone
10. When you see a problem, call us. Don’t try to repair it yourself.


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