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Pool Tile Restoration

We remove the mineral deposits that collect along the waterline of your pool, spa face, and trough walls. We carefully remove the white haze / calcium buildup without damaging the tile. Sometimes there is efflorescence that will leech out from your pool deck and collect on the pool tile as it runs down the tile walls. What looks like dirty pool and typically collects as the same area as the scum line, is actually mineral deposits from the water evaporating and the calcium collecting on the tile. Many pools in the Naples and South West Florida area are equipped with infinity edges and/or automatic fill control. This leads to the waterline being at the same exact spot and contributes to the build up. Cleaning by sandblasting or pumice stone will typically scratch and damage your tile. Using a pumice stone on glass pool tile will scratch and ruin the surface. Depending on the age of the build up and the size of your pool, most  pool tile cleaning projects take anywhere from 2-3 days to remedy. Let us come in and restore the beauty of your pool tile. Talk to us about a maintenance schedule for ensuring that your pool always looks pristine.

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